July 23, 2010

Is it just me… or does Justin Bieber bare a striking resemblance to Dani Campbell from Season 1 of Tila Tequila’s SHOT AT LOVE?! Oh You know what I’m talking about…


Happy Friday

July 16, 2010

Things I hate

July 15, 2010

1. Waking up the next morning and looking at the drunk texts you sent out and feeling a part of your soul die, just a little bit

2. Looking back at times you’ve completely flipped out and lost it, tears, panic attacks, over something that in retrospect was a minor speed bump in the autobahn of life

3. People that disrespect seniors

4. Homophobes, or are against gay rights in general

5. Racists

6. Anyone with dogmatic views, who refuse to acknowledge the reason in the other’s point of view (even if its illogical, they still attempt reason)

7. People who only listen to Billboard top 40 and refuse to even listen to anything else

8. Girls that get wrapped up in drama, look for drama, or create drama by overreacting, looking for a fight, or are extra sensitive

9. When the media doesn’t report real stories, here are some examples:

* Paranoid Accusations about the President during the Presidential election in 2008

* Not giving two fucks about the state of Haiti before the Earthquake, pretending to give a fuck for two months following, and then forgetting about it like the apathetic audience it preaches to

* Forgetting about the Iranian Election Protests when Michael Jackson died

* Reporting 24 hour coverage of Paris Hilton’s stint in jail

* Nancy Fucking Grace

10. Losing at Jeopardy

Things I love

July 14, 2010

1. Good smelling candles that have a unique scent. Like Lilly and Apple. Fuck Vanilla and Fuck Pomegranate

2. When you meet someone you’re attracted to and they haven’t hurt you yet and everything is an exciting possibility

3. Flipping the pillow on a hot night and having the cool fabric press against your face.

4. An amazing book that you stay up all night reading.

5. Serendipity

6. Traveling and being fascinated by the simplicity in another country. Such as a beautiful flower growing in the ruins of an ancient civilization.

7. Looking at the stars on a clear night, feeling finite, and knowing that it’s all going to be OK

8. Beginning a romance with a new song

9. Waiting for pictures to develop from a film camera

10.  A Glass of wine, olives, and  cheese on a summer night with your best friend

Cell Phone Etiquette

July 10, 2010

Hey, assholes.  When you find a cellphone on the street or some other public place the right thing to do is to call ‘home’, ‘mom’ or the most recent few people in the call log.  That way you can return the phone to the person who lost it and not have them worry that you’re reading their emails and text messages or making long distance calls to Australia.  It’s not nice to take advantage of idiots who lose their phones.  It’s called being a person, and everyone should try it.

– E

Shout out to the Marines

July 8, 2010

I love Marines. I love cats. What could be better than Marines with Kittens? I think it’s because they’re such elite killers, and the fact that they’ve rescued these little furballs that they just love, well I think that’s just the sweetest thing. And now that cat just looks so proud to be in a new home, well-nourished, back in the United States. But that cat would be just as happy in a Combat Out Post! Here is the Link:


July 7, 2010

This is why they hate us.

Campaign Watch: Alvin Greene

June 18, 2010

Yet another flirtation with Fact and Fiction

June 18, 2010

Again, a similarity between our beloved West Wing and the Obama Administration has arose on the internets. It appears that there are rumblings that the President may have a secret plan to for a cap and trade system or carbon tax (Which right now would be very difficult to pass through senate, hence the secrecy)

Key West Wing, when CJ has to get a root canal and Josh does the press briefing, and in being flippant, says that the President has a secret plan to fight inflation. The press know that Josh is just being a little prick, but they decide to run with it to teach a lesson. Meanwhile Toby and CJ are just chapped:

Toby: I don’t know, Josh, but while we’re looking can ya tell be a little more about the President’s secret plan to fight inflation?

Josh: Okay, good, that’s a start. Tell me what you think I should do right now.

Donna: Go into your office and come up with a secret plan to fight inflation.

Bartlett: I have a secret plan to fight inflation?
Josh: No.

Josh: It was suggested in the Press Room that you did.
Bartlett: By who?
Josh: By me

Bartlett: You told the press I have a secret plan to fight inflation?

Josh: Sir, there was this idiotic round robin. It was sarcastic. There’s no way they didn’t know that. They were just mad at me for imposing discipline and calling them stupid!

Bartlet: Are you telling me that not only did you invent a secret plan to fight inflation, but now you don’t support it?

Before Photoshop

June 13, 2010

Do y’all remember the time before everybody knew about photoshop?  It was there and airbrushing did exist but none of us really knew of it or ever had to think about it.  I miss those days when I could just look at a Shania Twain album cover and think she really did look like that.  Then it stopped being the nineties and we all had to grow up.  That was a rough patch.  A weird thing is that my dad also likes Shania.  So I guess alcoholism isn’t the only thing that runs in the family.  Let’s just all look at this cover where Shania’s face has been airbrushed into oblivion and take a moment of silence for humanity.

– E